Music Download Glories of the Divine Mother Track 1 Ya Mut Ur

Music Download Glories of the Divine Mother Track 1 Ya Mut Ur
MUSIC DOWNLOAD ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ancient Egyptian Music from yesterday and for today The Following songs are from the CD Glories of the Divine Mother “Glories of the Divine Mother” is a compilation of musical notions engendered by the exploration of Ancient Egyptian musical instruments and musical theory. It is based on the original Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text praising the goddess Net who is a prototype for the goddess Aset (Isis). All lyrics were translated based on the text directly as well as other texts extolling the powers of the goddess. May the blessings of Merit be on all who listen to this music! About the Songs: Glories of the Great Mother Music based on he teachings of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Net Track 1 Ya Mut Ur This song is based entirely on an adoration text dedicated to the goddess Net. It is a praise of the goddess, recognizing her transcendental and unfathomable nature. The lyrics are: Ya Mut Ur an Sefech Mesu-s Hail Great Mother, whose birth is unknown Ya netert-aah em Duat Shetat sen Hail Great Goddess who is doubly hidden in the netherworld Ntet reck –s , Ntet reck –s Not known is she, not known is she. Ya neterit-aah Shetat sen Hail Great Goddess who is doubly hidden Drumming Notation D DD tk D DD tk D DD tk DDtD Track 2 Net Net Dua Net Short Version (Featuring the vocals of Sebai Maa and (Dja Ashby)) This song is based on the same text but is shortened to a simple chant and the music makes modern instruments and style and is designed for chanting and dancing. It is a resolution to the lyrics presented in the first song, asking the goddess to reveal herself to the spiritual aspirant. Net Net Dua Net Sefech Cheras Senhu-s Goddess Net, Goddess Net, loosen your clothing (i.e. reveal yourself – your glory, that is your true form) Drumming Notation D tk DD tk DD tk DD tk - FAST Track 3 Net Dua Net Slow R&B-Jazz Groove This song is based on the same text of Goddess Net, emphasizing the hidden aspect of the goddess as she is “doubly” unfathomable and yet most accessible to her devotees through praise and song. It makes use of ancient and modern instruments. Net Dua Net (Net Adorations to Net) Neterit Aah shetat sen (Goddess great hidden doubly) Ya mut ur m Duat (Hail mother great who is in the Netherworld) Ntet reck –s, ntet wat (not know is she, or the way to her) Track 4 Netritaah Net Jazz Groove (Featuring the piano playing of Reginald Ashby Sr.) This song is based on the same text encompassing her creative aspect. She is the source for all that exists and all that will come into being. She is the Supreme essence of creation. The music for this song was created with the idea of glory and sheer beauty of sound. The melody is most important as it soothes the heart and relaxes the mind, developing a flow which leads to eternity and peace in the Goddess. Netritaah Net (Oh Great goddess Net) M Duat shetat sen (who resides in the Netherworld hidden doubly) Chemam neteru (She is the creator of the gods and goddesses) Mesu Ra (She gave birth to the god Ra) Uben tawi Drumming Notation D t DD t D t DD t – Slow Track 5 Arat Akhu Net This song is based on a poem put together based on various scriptures related to the goddess which extol her attributes and divine qualities. Composed in the traditional ritual style, this song contains echoes of the ancient and modern vocal traditions of the middle east and Ancient Egypt. Arat Net (Goddess Net) Akhu Asha (her glories are many) Neterit aah (she is the great goddess) Nt Sefech Cheras Senhu-s (Her vail is not revealed) Arat Net (Goddess Net) Mehenit ta-pet (she is the weaver of the world and the heavens) Arat Net (Goddess Net) Chemam neteru ( she is the creator of the gods and goddesses) Arat Net (Goddess Net) Mehurt mesu Ra (she is the divine cow that gave birth to Ra) Arat Net (Goddess Net) Nt Rekh s Shetat sen (not known is she, she is hidden) Drumming Notation Basic Slow – DD tk DD tk Advanced Slow – DDDDD t t t DDDDD t t t Track 6 Net Net Dua Net Long Version (See track #2) Vocals: Sebai Maa and Karen “Dja” Ashby (on track 2), keyboard: Sebai Maa, Sistrums: Sebai Maa, Cymbals: Sebai Maa, Nefer: Sebai Maa, Clapping: Sebai Maa, Tar: Sebai Maa. Featuring the piano playing of Reginald Ashby Sr. (On track 4) Copyright 2000 Sebai Maa (Muata Ashby) Sema Institute of Yoga, P.O. Box 570459, Miami, Fl. 33257 (305) 378-6253 INTERNET ADDRESS: http://www.Egyptianyoga.com Music of Ancient Egypt By Sebai Maa (Muata Ashby) The Music of Ancient Egypt collection is an exploration of ancient Egyptian musical forms and concepts using ancient Egyptian musical instrument reproductions to discover the mysteries of Kemetic (ancietn Egyptian) devotional musical feeling. The fruit of years of research have given fruit to a unique sound and musical conception which at times sounds ancient and at other times fuses Ancient Egyptian feeling with modern writhyms of the world including West African, Middle Eastern, Soul, Jazz, and East Indian styles. Using authentic the Ancient Egyptian words derived from inscriptions, hymns and papyri such as the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, a wonderful and special musical vision has emerged. A must for lovers of Ancient Egyptian culture and mysticism and alternative music. ©1999 Muata Ashby

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